Need items? Buy it from us!

Need DotA 2 items? We have the lowest prices possible!

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  • Hero / Item Name
  • Steam Profile Link (we will add you)

We accept the following payment methods:

  • PayMaya Payment Methods ( (minimum of Php 200 per transaction)
    • MiniStop (fastest method)
    • 7-Eleven (fastest method)
    • Robinson’s Department Store
    • BDO Online Banking
    • Smart
    • RCBC Online Banking
  • Globe G-Cash / Load (any amount)
  • PayPal (any amount)
  • BDO Cash Deposit (any amount)

After payment, show us the receipt, and we will send your items right away.

Please see the table below for the transaction fees

1-20 items Php 20.00
21-50 items Php 40.00
51-100 items Php 60.00
101+ items Php 100.00
*Bundle sets are = 1 item *Unbundled sets count per piece


For further inquiries, please feel free to contact us.


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